Meet Centerline

The Centerline Story

Centerline has become synonymous with the rebranding and reimaging of retail outlets. What began as a specialization within the petroleum industry has expanded into the broader retail arena. Whether it is a major, mid major or independent brand, Centerline can manage and implement new storefront designs, remodels, interior conversions, as well as the onsite application of exterior image materials and installation of all types of signage.

What sets Centerline apart is our ability to do this work quickly and correctly. We are technology and project management driven; Centerline goes the extra mile to know your brand inside and out before ever setting foot on the job. We do our homework and streamline our interventions to your site. This lets us get the job done with accuracy and minimal disruption.

How are we able to achieve such efficient turnaround on your site? Our team members have worked on every facet of gas station rebranding from coast to coast for more than 30 years. Our key managers have done the work, managed the work and seen it all. This gives us the vision and the practicality to order materials, coordinate labor, track logistics and brand sites with precision and timeliness. These skills allow us to perform complete turnkey services as well as specialized programs with a more specific work scope such as site refresh or image upgrade.

A Commitment to Upholding Your Image

Whether executing the branding of a new site, a retail site conversion, or a simple branding upgrade, Centerline remains committed to upholding the client’s image. This commitment to both the client and the image has granted Centerline tremendous opportunity with the following brands: Exxon, Shell, CITGO, BP, Marathon, Chevron, Mobil, Kangaroo, Red Rocket, and more.

Key customers include The Pantry, TravelCenters of America, Radiant, Uni-Mart, Georgia Oil Holdings, Sunshine Petroleum, and TETCO Stores. Owners of multiple sites as well as suppliers rely on us for quality service and consistency across all retail locations. Centerline’s branding initiatives often result in maximum impact, and many projects permit retail locations to remain open and customers to remain happy during this transitional time.

The Future of Centerline…

With more than 1,500 brand conversion sites and 6,000 program application sites to date, Centerline’s vision remains being a customer-focused organization with an ongoing commitment to each and every site’s image. We welcome the opportunity to work with new retailers. So, whether you’re a gas station in need of a turnkey approach to take your site from start to finish, or a convenience store looking to update its image, please contact us.

Centerline also welcomes the opportunity to establish strong partnerships across the country; if you are interested in working with Centerline, apply here.