Brand Conversions

Brand Conversions

Our branding specialists have a wealth of experience in the turnkey rebranding of most major petroleum brands. We will manage your project from inception to completion, communicating progress and important milestones to you at every turn. Take the headache out of coordinating all of these phases and rest assured Centerline will complete your projects on time and on budget. Turnkey branding aspects include:

  • Site specific surveys
  • Local jurisdictional code analysis
  • Production of conceptual drawings depicting correct image application for any architectural and equipment configuration
  • Development of bill of materials required and verification of corporate brand standard compliance
  • Site-specific technical sign surveys and development of production specifications for face replacement and new signage
  • Personal interaction with each branded marketer to confirm project scope and requirements
  • Execution of material procurement through specified vendors or in-house capability to warehouse materials and distribute on a turnkey basis.
  • Consultation provided to conversion construction personnel to ensure accurate image application
  • Process for verification of correct image application upon each completed site conversion
  • Ability to modify in-house existing web based processes to align with specific supplier parameters and program execution requirements
  • On-site construction capabilities ranging from permitting, brand application to final site inspection and approval
  • Product slate modification
    • Collection of site-specific data for material planning and specification
    • Procurement
    • On-site material application
    • Tracking of completion and compliance

Additional Logistics Services for Large Corporations:

In working with large retail and petroleum corporations, Centerline has also offered the following logistics services:

  • Point of sale interface device upgrades
    • Web-based program administration
    • Warehousing inventory and distributing custom material kits
    • Merging customer billing with supplier accounting methods
    • Provided tracking and documentation of program completion
  • Pin Pad Upgrade Program – CC security compliance
    • Warehoused material and handled shipments
    • Built online ordering process utilized by marketers
    • Scheduled and tracked upgrades for 8,000 sites

Graphic Design and Production

In addition to serving major and mid-major brands while following specific corporate branding guidelines, Centerline also serves many independent brands through our in-house capabilities. Centerline’s in-house graphic design team and production team are skilled in establishing new brands in the marketplace that achieve lasting impressions and maximum effect. Visit our Graphic Solutions page to learn more.